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Purchasing a home is a very exciting process, and the first step is to contact us! We’ll first talk about your needs and get you set up with a lender who can qualify you for a loan if you need one. Once the lender gives us the thumbs up, we’ll begin looking for that perfect house.  Our next step will be to put an offer on a home.  We assess the home’s value and agree on the terms of the offer before sending it to the seller for their consideration.

Once our offer is accepted, we move into escrow.  If you’ve ever made an informal bet with a friend, you may have asked a third person to hold the money until the wager was complete. Once a purchase price is agreed upon between the buyer and the seller, they then do something similar by opening an escrow.  The escrow process helps protect all parties involved in the transaction.

Money is put into escrow and is held by a neutral third party (escrow agent) while the terms of the agreement are being executed. The agent’s role is to carry out the instructions that were agreed upon by both parties. When all the terms of the agreement are met, the money is released. Escrow can be involved in anything from a residential purchase to purchases made on multi-million dollar building projects.  The escrow period of the home buying process is traditionally 30 days long.  However, both parties may agree to a different time table.  As your agents, we coordinate with your escrow officer, loan officer and all other parties involved to be sure the transaction goes smoothly.

Once all terms of the agreement are met we close escrow, transfer final payments and hand over keys!  Who you choose to represent you is crucial. We prepare and negotiate your offer to get you the best deal possible while beating out the competition.  Connect with us and we’ll walk you through the process from start to finish, and show you how we make buying home in Orange County easy.

The first step in the process of selling your home is to contact us to represent you.  Your satisfaction is our number one priority.  We will ensure your home selling experience is a good one; with the ultimate goal being your home selling at peak value.

After you connect with us, we will sit down and go over the process of selling your home in detail.  We’ll then assess your home and create a custom marketing plan.  From there, we prepare and market your home.  Our proven marketing strategy will ensure maximum buyer demand for your property.  Once offers are received we will present them to you and discuss which offer is best for you and your specific situation.  After an offer is accepted we will open escrow, execute the contract, remove contingencies and distribute funds.

Going through the process of selling your home can seem over whelming if you don’t have the right help.  We have the tools, skills and experience to sell your home at maximum market value.  If you are thinking about selling your home please, we would love to sit down and answer any questions you might have.

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